Tell Your Story

We love to hear your stories about how God’s working in your life, and especially how Vision180 has been a part of that.
If you’ve got something to share, you can upload a short video of your story below, to encourage others. Grab your mobile phone and video yourself (or get someone else to help) telling your testimony and upload it below.

Some points to remember

  • Try to keep your video under two minutes long
  • Pick a quiet location with plenty of sunlight or indoor lighting. Avoid recording at night.
  • Keep the camera or phone steady. Try and have it set up on a table, chair or something steady rather than holding it.
  • Think about what you are wearing – avoid patterns like stripes,
  • Record in a quiet place.
  • Don’t keep the camera so close that your face fills up the entire frame.
  • If possible record your video in landscape rather than portrait
  • Remember to Smile

By submitting a video you agree to allow Vision Christian Media to use your video and/or audio on our platforms including app, website, print and radio.