by Bob and Debby Gass

When your faith feels shaky (2)

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When your faith feels shaky (2)
‘…reach out…Stop doubting and believe.’ John 20:27 NIV

You’re not the only Christian in the world who has their doubts; new believers, pastors and missionaries, even the disciples had their shaky moments. Thomas could be the patron saint of shakiness and he’d lived in and out of Jesus’ pockets for three years. He said: ‘Unless I… put my finger where the nails were…I will not believe…’ (John 20:25 NIV) Jesus said…’Reach out your hand …Stop doubting and believe.’ (John 20:27 NIV) Thomas asks the question we all ask when we’re struggling, ‘If God is so good, why do I feel so bad? If His message is so clear, why am I confused?’ Notice Jesus’ reaction though. He doesn’t slap Thomas on the wrist for his doubts, He allows him to poke around for the proof he wants. Jesus won’t get an inferiority complex because you’re having a few doubts, He’s allowing you to poke around for the proof you want. Talk to someone you respect, read the Word, research, pray through it, do whatever it is that will help you reach out your hand and start believing. Perhaps, your doubts are part of the bigger picture. It is a dangerously sharp faith that will keep trusting when there are no answers. Isaiah says, ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways…’ (Isaiah 55:8 NKJ) The truth is, God doesn’t think like us. He sees the big picture way beyond our doubts and unanswered questions.
SoulFood: Acts 16-17, Luke 8:16- 25, Ps 140, Pr 16:3

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