Miracles Day

Miracles Day is here!  It is an inspiring annual event where Vision180, Vision Christian Radio and Christian community radio stations around Australia join forces with CBM to share the love of Jesus by giving the Miracle gift of sight-saving surgery to people living with cataracts in the world’s poorest countries.

This year CBM has invited Alex to be on location in Nepal witnessing the life changing Miracles and sharing stories of entire families changed from your $33 Miracle donation.

Alex’s Videos from Nepal

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What is Miracles Day?

Why Go To Nepal?

Thanks to CBM, Alex is heading to Nepal on the 9th of August and will be joining Robbo and Becci on Vision180 every afternoon in the lead up to Miracles Day on the 15th of August. Alex will be sharing her experience of meeting people receiving cataract surgery and seeing the difference it makes for them and their community.

Videos from Past Miracles Days

Matt in Vietnam
Vietnam 2016
Nepal 2015
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