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Better to Come – Gateway Youth

Based in Melbourne, Gateway Youth has evolved from a youth group to a youth band. Their young musicians span both the church and the youth space, and have been collaborating together to release their first EP.

Brand New – Holly Halliwell

Living through the pandemic has been a whirlwind for most of us. But it’s been particularly difficult for Christian musicians like Holly Halliwell. Just months before Covid hit, Holly and her husband had the opportunity to work with a Grammy award-winning producer.

I Can Only Imagine – Tim Challies

There is a joy that marked the ministry of the Apostle Paul. He suffered greatly as he ministered for the Lord, yet he was full of joy. Paul’s joy was grounded in hope–the hope of the resurrection.

The Messiness of Christmas

We don’t tend to think of dark things at Christmas. We think of light and joy; a content baby in a manger, who doesn’t even cry. (I always questioned that line in Away in a Manger.) Everything is sweet, happy, calm, and like a Hallmark movie

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