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When we say ‘Live Different’, we simply mean to follow God full-on with no regrets — then, watch what He does in your life! A critical first step is to think different by understanding what God says about you and the world around you.

That’s why we created Vision180 Magazine!

It’s easy to believe: ‘I’m a loser, everyone else is better than me.’  But that’s a downward spiral. Listen — God says He wants to be your friend (wow!), that you’re a masterpiece (double wow!), that He loves you more than you will ever understand, and that, with Him on your side, no problem you face is too big. God’s Word cuts through — sharper than a double sided sword! It changes your perspective big time — there’s a few verses at the bottom of this page to show you what we mean.

When you understand what God says about you, who He is and what He wants to do in your life, things change.

Every 3 months, Vision180 Magazine brings you real life stories from people facing the same sort of stuff you do, and how God has been with them. Plus there’s a bite-size daily messages called word4today which will help you understand God’s word and how it is relevant to you. And if you want to go a bit deeper, there’s SoulFood, an easy to follow plan to help you read through entire bible in one year. Plus a bunch of puzzles and stuff — just because we can.

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What God says about you as a Christian:

Think Different, Live Different!

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