When you feel anxious (2)

When you feel anxious (2)
‘Do not be anxious about anything…’ Philippians 4:6 NIV

It’s so easy to get a dose of the ‘worry’ bug. Maybe, you’ve got it now; the symptoms are easy enough to spot: (a) your bowels seem to be employing more workers on the dayshift (b) your head seems to be inviting as many irrational thoughts as possible to the big crisis meeting it’s holding (c) your self esteem seems to have plummeted to an all-time low. So what’s the cure? Digging a hole in the patio and burying your head in the cement? This avoids the issue rather than tackles it. No, it’s time to be brave and face up to your worries. Come on, you can do it; splash your face with some cold water, slap yourself and say, ‘I can do it!’ twenty times in the bathroom mirror (probably best wait ’til everyone is out of the house first). The Bible says: ‘…the righteous are bold as a lion.’ (Proverbs 28:1 NIV) Each time you start to confront your worries, you take a step forward. Each time you choose not to stress over your ‘worry bug’ but look to what needs to change in order to overcome it, you take a step forward. Nobody enjoys confrontation but without confronting your worries you won’t be able to move on. So be brave, kick the worry bug.

SoulFood: Acts 6-7, Luke 7:1-10, Ps 118:1-9, Pr 15:27-30

Tue 13 July, 2010

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