The call to love (2)

The call to love (2)
‘…live a life of love…’ Ephesians 5:2 NIV

Right, so this is a bit of a morbid thought, but imagine Martians from the inter-planetary highways agency land on earth to announce our lovely planet is to be destroyed to make room for a new inter-galactic motorway. You’ve got one month to live before life as we know it ends. What do you do with your remaining 30 days here on this little spherical world? Do you put in a few extra hours in on cracking level 17 of Grand Theft Auto 12? Do you put in the extra shifts at work so you’ll finally be able to afford those to-die-for boots or the deposit on the car of your dreams? Hopefully none of these things would be high on your to-do list in the face of immediate disaster.
So, here’s the scary news. That day will one day arrive. Ok, it won’t involve Martians with clipboards and hard hats, but one day your time on this little ball of land and sea will be up. Will you have spent your time wisely? Will you have made a difference to the world? Will people miss you? Will a part of this universe be a little less lovely because you are gone? Will people notice or will it be business as usual? You only get one life. Live it. Live a life of love.

SoulFood: Acts 1:1-3:10, Luke 6:27-36, Ps 109:1-15, Pr 15:22

Sat 10 July, 2010

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