As if!

As if!
‘A champion went out from the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath…’ 1 Samuel 17:4 NKJ

As if! Come on, here’s little old you. You’re a spotty teenager, in need of a growth spurt, your only work experience is sheep-minding and you’re expected to fight a mammoth of a man. A trained blood-thirsty military monster. Goliath: a man who’d turn superman’s red knickers a darker shade of brown. He’s armed head to toe in the best custom-built armour the military can buy, you’re wearing the leftover nightie from last year’s school nativity play. He’s got a blade of steel larger than your entire body; you have a stone and a playground catapult. Just to add final insult to injury, the only small chink in his armour is the face of his helmet; hardly any kind of target. I mean, come on…as if!
Well, when it comes to giant-problems, take a stone out of David’s bag. David knew Goliath was big, but as big as God?! You see, like everyone else David heard Goliath’s fighting talk. ‘When Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine, they were…greatly afraid.’ (1 Samuel 17:11 NKJ) But, unlike the rest, he cottoned on they were just hot air… Everyone else’s knees may have been knocking but he was standing firm in God. Yes, the odds were stacked; there was only a small space between the chin and the eyebrows to aim at, but God made sure David hit the target!

SoulFood: Jer 45-48, Luke 5:12-26, Ps 110, Pr 15:8-9

Tue 06 July, 2010

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